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Vital Statistics From New Brunswick (Canada) Newspapers

Source Information

  • Title Vital Statistics From New Brunswick (Canada) Newspapers 
    Short Title Vital Statistics From New Brunswick (Canada) Newspapers 
    Author Daniel F. Johnson 
    Publisher P.O. Box 26025, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2J 4M3 
    Source ID S811 
    Text Over 100 Years of Complete Genealogical Extracts From New Brunswick, Canada Newspapers 1784-1890
    Direct Access To Family Information by 1. e-mail 2. diskette 3 1/2 in 1.44

    In 1981, the Vital Statistics Committee of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society began an ambitious undertaking - to extract genealogical items from the religious, county and city newspapers published in the Province beginning with the earliest publication in 1784. When the committee disbanded in 1985, the project was continued privately by Daniel F. Johnson.

    Since that time, extracts have been taken from newspapers dating from 1784 to 1889. Every page of each newspaper was scanned for even the most obscure items. Over 300 reels of microfilm were viewed and 400,000 full name references were extracted. In November 1992, the Search & Extract Service (SAE) was introduced to find the occurrence of family surnames, to extract the selected entries, and to reference the newspaper source.

    With the assistance of a computer word processing program, the SAE Service is designed to search for every occurrence of any surname, etc. McDONALD, JACKSON, VANBUSKIRK. Reference to ancestors may appear in any year. The same person may appear in various ways ie. Capt. John Thomas MURPHY may also appear as J.T. Murphy, J. Thomas Murphy, Tom Murphy, Capt. Murphy or just Murphy. The Search and Extract Service extracts all Murphys for the time period you select between 1784 and 1889.


    The cost of SAE by e-mail is ----- per surname and --- for each additional surname ordered at the same time. Results of the search may be e-mailed with a Text attachment file with an accompanying invoice. [Prices may change as Daniel's database grows] keep up the good work Daniel.

    Computer Diskette

    The cost of the SAE on computer diskette for a single surname search is ----total. The cost of additional surname searches is --- per search. There are no limitations to the time period searched. Computer Requirements: I.B.M. compatibility, 1.14 high density 3 1/2" drive, word-processing software capable of importing ASCII files. Also available in WordPerfect 5.1version. To avoid delay, please indicate if your computer meets the above requirements. Please add --- for diskette and postage.

    For pricing please contact:
    Daniel F. Johnson, P.O. Box 26025, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2J 4M3

    New Brunswick Newspapers
    Chatham (Northumberland Co.)
    M.M. Miramichi Mercury
    G.N.S. Gleaner & North. Sched.
    U.A. Union Advocate
    WORLD World
    Fredericton (York Co.)
    CAP Fredericton Evening Capital
    FARMER Colonial Farmer
    F.T. Fredericton Telegraph
    GLEAN Daily Gleaner
    H.Q. Headquarters
    N.B.R. New Brunswick Reporter
    N.B.R.G. N.B. Royal Gazette
    LOY Loyalist
    Sussex (Kings County)
    K.C.R. Kings County Record
    Moncton (Westmorland Co.)
    TIMES Moncton Times
    Sackville (Westmorland Co.)
    BORDER Sackville Borderer
    POST Chigecto Post
    Saint Andrews (Charlotte Co.)
    PILOT The Bay Pilot
    HERALD St. Andrews Herald
    STD or STA St. Andrews Standard
    St.AC St. Andrews Courant
    Saint Stephen (Charlotte Co.)
    BANN St. Stephen Banner
    COURIER St. Stephen Courier
    Saint John (St. John Co.)
    B.C. British Colonist
    C.G. City Gazette
    D.M.N. Daily Morning News
    D.N. Daily News
    D.T. Daily Telegraph
    FREE Morning Freeman
    GAZETTE Evening Gazette
    GLOBE St. John Globe
    M.& V. Messanger & Visitor
    M.N. Morning News
    M.T. Morning Telegraph
    N.B.C. N.B. Courier
    N.B.Z. N.B. Chronicle
    PROGRESS Progress
    R.I. Religious Intelligencer
    S.J.G. St. John Gazette
    S.J.H. St. John Herald
    STAR St. John Star
    SUN Daily Sun
    T.B. Times or True Briton
    T.T. Temperance Telegraph
    TEL Daily Telegraph
    VISITOR Christian Visitor
    WATCHMAN The Watchman
    W.C. Weekly Chronicle
    W.O. Weekly Observer
    Woodstock (Carleton Co.)
    C.S. Carleton Sentinel
    W.J. Woodstock Journal
    W.T. Woodstock Times 
    Linked to Robert Beckwith, Esq. LLB
    William Coll
    Edward B. Dixon
    D. Wilbert Douglas
    John M. Hay
    Theresa Hay
    Albert J. H. Hickman, Esq.
    Alma Minora Hickman, "Annie"
    Ann Hickman
    Ann Coll Hickman
    Caroline Clifford Hickman
    Ellen Rachel Primrose Hickman
    James S. Hickman
    John Hickman
    John Howard Hickman
    Joseph Hickman
    Mary Jane Hickman
    Susan E. Hickman
    William Hickman
    William John Weldon
    Joseph Dobson Wells
    Mary Emma Wells
    Ellen Wilson
    Dr. William Wilson
    Family: Joseph Hickman / Ruth Caroline Wells
    Family: Albert J. H. Hickman, Esq. / Ellen Wilson
    Family: D. Wilbert Douglas / Ellen M. Hickman
    Family: Robert Beckwith, Esq. LLB / Caroline Clifford Hickman
    Family: Edward B. Dixon / Susan E. Hickman
    Family: David Henderson Purves / Ellen Wilson
    Family: John Howard Hickman / Theresa Hay
    Family: John Hickman / Mary Elizabeth McAlmon
    Family: William Coll / Ann Hickman
    Family: Edward Doran "Ned" Davison, Jr. / Alma Minora Hickman, "Annie"