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Family: James L. Payne / Julia E. Blades

m. 15 Nov 1849


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Lenora Love Howard - "The DAR Letter"

Letter from Lenora Love to Dr. and Mrs. W.L. Howard, 13 July 1965:

Dear Lawrence and Mutt, Macy came yesterday P.M. and we went to Denton to look at the chairs and talked to Wilbert Merrikens about the family back ground. He didn't know any farther back than I did only one thing that there was more than one Isaiah Blades - the one he knew was Isaiah Connelly Blades, so my mother's mother was Julia Blades (born 1855) oldest child of Isaiah C. Blades who married J. L. Payne and died when she was 24 or 26 yrs old leaving 3 children - Frank, JIm and Annie (my mother) who was the youngest about 3-4 or 5 years old. Her grand parents the Blades took her until she was about 12 or 10 when her grandmother died and she had to go home to her father and step mother. We cand cannot or guess from 1855 her mother would be 25 years before that and I guess her father would have been 25 or 30 years before that which I guess would be back to near 1800. The Rev. war was 1776 so it seem that there must be a Blades back of Isaiah. The Choptank Blades didn't know but one thing more and had heard her family say there was a Joe Blades back. Neither of them knew Isaiah's wifes maiden name. Wilbert said maybe Reyer Dukes could tell us more as Esther was a D.A.R. So Mary said she would try and get an appointment with Dukes he may know from Esther whos grandmother Isaiah Blades wife was. This is all I could find out. Mother.

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