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Alma Minora Hickman, "Annie"

Alma Minora Hickman, "Annie"

Female 1855 - 1884  (29 years)


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Alma Minora Hickman

Drawing on display at the Hickman family reunion 2005. Original is approx 18"x 18".

Several large (18" x 18" or so) and beautifully framed antique photos & drawings were placed next to the entrance of the large tent that Judy and Marlene had erected for the Hickman family reunion in 2005. Up until this time, I had not seen an image of Alma.

We have no absolute evidence that this image is of Alma - - but there is much evidence:

a) There are photos of others in Joseph Hickman's family that are labeled - so this could be Alma by process of elimination.

b) There is another photo of equal size of Alma's sister Caroline Clifford "Cliffey" Hickman Bequith.

c) The unusually large size of the photos and their similarity of framing is another hint - the Hickmans independently lost both Caroline Clifford (d. 4 Dec 1884 in Dorchester, NB) and Alma (d. 2 Dec 1884 in Bridgewater, NS) when both died within two days of each other.

d) These images were originally displayed in the Joseph Hickman House where the girls grew up.

e) And finally, a separate image (photograph) of the same woman was found in a photo album (on loan from the Keillor House Museum for the 2005 reunion). Somone prior to receipt of the album by the museum has written above the photo 'Alma Hickman".

To settle this we need to look through the Davison family photos and see if we see this Alma. If she is there, that will settle any doubts.

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