John & Susan Howell
Family Trees

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Maryland, United States



Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emily  1841Maryland, United States I11441
2 Beachamp, Josephine  11 Nov 1858Maryland, United States I11370
3 Beauchamp, Mariana  18 Aug 1864Maryland, United States I3057
4 Brewington, Carl Wymond  24 Sep 1884Maryland, United States I3058
5 Brewington, Demnia  1871Maryland, United States I9661
6 Brewington, Earnest  1866Maryland, United States I9654
7 Brewington, Ebenezer  1828Maryland, United States I9648
8 Brewington, George William  7 May 1858Maryland, United States I9652
9 Brewington, Helen  1906Maryland, United States I9665
10 Brewington, Henry J.  1878Maryland, United States I9653
11 Brewington, Isaac Stanford  Feb 1863Maryland, United States I21
12 Brewington, Katherine  1901Maryland, United States I9662
13 Brewington, Lillian  31 Oct 1886Maryland, United States I3059
14 Brewington, Lucy Ellen  10 Sep 1857Maryland, United States I9651
15 Brewington, Martha  1905Maryland, United States I9664
16 Brewington, Robert  1903Maryland, United States I9663
17 Coburn, Carville N  Abt 1925Maryland, United States I10603
18 Coburn, Irvin E  Abt 1922Maryland, United States I10602
19 Dove, Eva Jane  31 Mar 1878Maryland, United States I9657
20 Dove, Hannah M  1 Nov 1884Maryland, United States I9660
21 Dove, Robert Thadeus  1 Mar 1848Maryland, United States I9656
22 Ellegood, Grace Leonard  22 Sep 1878Maryland, United States I10866
23 Fooks, Maria Ellen  5 Mar 1839Maryland, United States I8620
24 Freeney, Samuel Wesley  14 Jun 1860Maryland, United States I3000
25 Freeny, Barton Ralph  29 Oct 1883Maryland, United States I10631
26 Freeny, Bessie E.  13 Oct 1890Maryland, United States I10633
27 Freeny, Eleanor Parker  17 Jun 1909Maryland, United States I10871
28 Freeny, Elijah Edwin  21 Mar 1876Maryland, United States I10837
29 Freeny, Henry Benjamin  27 Jul 1870Maryland, United States I10834
30 Freeny, Mary Elizabeth  28 Aug 1866Maryland, United States I10832
31 Freeny, R Lee  Apr 1886Maryland, United States I10632
32 Freeny, William Elijah  17 Apr 1898Maryland, United States I10865
33 Goslee, Franklin Grant  12 Apr 1865Maryland, United States I204
34 Goslee, Mary Alice  1855Maryland, United States I203
35 Griffith, Hulda Unity  22 Feb 1852Maryland, United States I11035
36 Hayman, Frederick Cookman  18 Jun 1907Maryland, United States I11349
37 Hearne, Benjamin William  Oct 1755Maryland, United States I10808
38 Howard, Charles King  28 Dec 1885Maryland, United States I11362
39 Howard, Hattie Jane  Mar 1878Maryland, United States I11360
40 Howard, Lawrence Claude Sr.  23 Apr 1899Maryland, United States I39
41 Jones, Amelia Tilghman  3 Apr 1868Maryland, United States I11105
42 Jones, Sarah Ann  Mar 1830Maryland, United States I3069
43 Kielholtz, Otis  Abt 1838Maryland, United States I11440
44 Lankford, Benjamin F.  25 Dec 1827Maryland, United States I10986
45 Love, Perry S.  1820Maryland, United States I1483
46 Love, Rita V  1895Maryland, United States I10598
47 Love, William  5 Mar 1905Maryland, United States I301
48 Maloney, Robert Henry  8 Oct 1848Maryland, United States I11369
49 McMahan, Carrie  3 Nov 1884Maryland, United States I11298
50 Moore, Hette  Abt 1753Maryland, United States I10849
51 Payne, James T.  11 Sep 1850Maryland, United States I3281
52 Phillips, Ethel O  1920Maryland, United States I11346
53 Phillips, Isaac  1866Maryland, United States I11157
54 Phillips, Julia G  Jan 1887Maryland, United States I11337
55 Phillips, Mildred L  19 Apr 1898Maryland, United States I11338
56 Purnell, Achsah T  31 Aug 1907Maryland, United States I11116
57 Purnell, Beulah M  Feb 1891Maryland, United States I11113
58 Purnell, Frank Ernest  21 Apr 1860Maryland, United States I11104
59 Reading, Joseph Omar  11 Apr 1883Maryland, United States I11142
60 Robinson, Edith G.  1903Maryland, United States I11123
61 Robinson, Frances  1665Maryland, United States I10806
62 Seeders, Edwin Roland  23 Nov 1894Maryland, United States I11293
63 Shockley, Martha J.  23 Oct 1832Maryland, United States I9649
64 Waller, Joseph  6 Jan 1842Maryland, United States I562
65 Webster, Fletcher  1859Maryland, United States I11133
66 Webster, Hamilton James Cottman  22 Nov 1830Maryland, United States I3068
67 Webster, John  1868Maryland, United States I11137
68 Webster, Theodosia  1863Maryland, United States I11135
69 Wheatley, Roland Edward  1 Aug 1883Maryland, United States I11297
70 White, Mary Ann  Abt 1826Maryland, United States I1484


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beauchamp, Mariana  17 May 1901Maryland, United States I3057
2 Blades, Mary Jane  1931Maryland, United States I11356
3 Howard, William Thomas  1909Maryland, United States I11355
4 McMahan, Carrie  1925Maryland, United States I11298
5 Phillips, Richard Thomas  25 Dec 1989Maryland, United States I11342
6 Powell, Rachel  Aft 1777Maryland, United States I10993
7 Purnell, Frank Ernest  6 Feb 1926Maryland, United States I11104
8 Robinson, Frances  3 Sep 1706Maryland, United States I10806
9 Seeders, Beniah Tharp  5 Mar 1911Maryland, United States I11073
10 Wheatley, Roland Edward  15 Mar 1954Maryland, United States I11297

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Freeny, Sarah Martha  18 Dec 1854Maryland, United States I8546
2 Goslee, Ina Maud  11 Oct 1870Maryland, United States I206
3 Goslee, Mary Alice  1855Maryland, United States I203
4 Majors, Nellie Earl  24 Sep 1897Maryland, United States I4247
5 Maloney, Edward B.  22 Sep 1880Maryland, United States I319


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Resided    Person ID 
1 Davis, Elizabeth "Betsey"  1870Maryland, United States I2994
2 Freeny, Julia A. S.  1870Maryland, United States I2998
3 Freeny, Thomas Barton Sr.  1870Maryland, United States I22
4 Goslee, Elizabeth Jane  1870Maryland, United States I201
5 Goslee, Emily  1870Maryland, United States I12
6 Goslee, Ruth Linwood  1870Maryland, United States I202
7 Phillips, Isaac  1870Maryland, United States I11157
8 Phillips, John T.  1870Maryland, United States I8545
9 Phillips, Martha E.  1870Maryland, United States I11159
10 Phillips, Thomas Roberson  1870Maryland, United States I11156
11 Phillips, William Samuel  1870Maryland, United States I11155
12 Webster, Hamilton James Cottman  1870Maryland, United States I3068
13 Webster, Jefferson Davis  1870Maryland, United States I11136


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coburn / Love  Abt 1914Maryland, United States F3858
2 Love / Wheatley  27 Oct 1933Maryland, United States F160
3 Mills / Cottingham  1788Maryland, United States F3315
4 Purnell / Jones  1890Maryland, United States F3995