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Abigail Herrick

Female 1701 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Abigail Herrick 15 Jun 1701 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA (daughter of Stephen Herrick and Elizabeth Trask).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Stephen Herrick 15 Mar 1670 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA (son of Ephraim Herrick and Mary Cross); 18 Sep 1724Preston, New London, CT.

    Stephen Elizabeth Trask 3 Dec 1692Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. Elizabeth (daughter of Osman Trask and Elizabeth Galley) 14 Mar 1675 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth Trask 14 Mar 1675 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA (daughter of Osman Trask and Elizabeth Galley).
    1. Elizabeth Herrick 17 Oct 1693 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    2. Edward Herrick 17 Oct 1695 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. Stephen Herrick, Jr. 24 Jul 1697 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    4. Ebenezer Herrick 17 May 1699 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    5. 1. Abigail Herrick 15 Jun 1701 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    6. Anna Herrick 2 Nov 1702 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    7. Mary Herrick 15 Apr 1705 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    8. Lydia Herrick 13 Jul 1707 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    9. Sarah Herrick 10 Oct 1708 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Ephraim Herrick 11 Feb 1638 Salem, Essex, MA (son of Henry Herrick and Editha Laskin); 18 Sep 1693Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.


    From: "The Great Migration Begins":

    iii EPHRAIM, bp. Salem 11 February 1637[/8] (the baptismal record is defective in omitting the given name of the child, but Ephraim d. Beverly 18 September 1693, aged "about fifty-six years"); m. Salem 3 July 1661 Mary Cross, daughter of Robert and Anna (Jordan) Cross.

    Ephraim Mary Cross 3 Jul 1661Salem, Essex, MA. Mary (daughter of Robert Cross and Susannah "Anna" Jordan) 14 Jun 1640 Ipswitch, Essex, MA; 18 Sep 1693. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary Cross 14 Jun 1640 Ipswitch, Essex, MA (daughter of Robert Cross and Susannah "Anna" Jordan); 18 Sep 1693.
    1. 2. Stephen Herrick 15 Mar 1670 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; 18 Sep 1724Preston, New London, CT.
    2. Samuel Herrick 4 Jun 1675 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

  3. 6.  Osman Trask 1625 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; 1675Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

    Osman Elizabeth Galley 22 May 1662Salem, Essex, MA. Elizabeth (daughter of John Galley and Florence) 1647. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Elizabeth Galley 1647 (daughter of John Galley and Florence).
    1. 3. Elizabeth Trask 14 Mar 1675 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Henry Herrick 16 Aug 1604 England; 28 Mar 1671Salem, Essex, MA.

    Other Events:

    • Immigrated: 1629, Salem, Essex, MA, America


    From "The Great Migration Begins" (May 2004 database)

    ORIGIN: Unknown

    IMIGRATION: 1630


    REMOVES: Beverly

    OCCUPATION: Yeoman.

    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Henry Herricke" and "Eedith Herrick" were in the list of Salem church members compiled late in 1636.

    FREEMAN: Requested 19 October 1630 and admitted 18 May 1631

    EDUCATION: Made his mark. Inventory included "four Bibles and other books."

    The will of "Henry Herick of Beverley," dated 24 November 1670 and proved 28 March 1671, made the following provisions: to wife Edith the western half of his dwelling; to son Thomas, wearing apparel, 20 and the land where his house stands; if son John live and die single, the land given him to go to testator's sons Ephraim, Joseph and Benjamin; to son Zachary one hundred acres in Birch Plain bought of Francis and Henry Skerry of Salem, sixteen acres where Zachery's house stands; to sons Ephraim, Joseph, and John, the farm bought to Mr. Alford; to --- the two lots bought of Henry Rennolds of Salem and Richard Kimball of Wenham, also two acres in Bunkard's meadow; to sons Ephraim and Joseph, domestic animals; to son Benjamin the pasture on the southeast side of the highway at age 21; to daughter Elizabeth 40; to son Henry at wife's death all the estate bequeathed her; Henry executor; Mr. John Hale and Capt. Thomas Lathrop, overseers.

    The inventory of the estate of "Henry Herick of Beverly" was appraised 15 March 1670/1 by John Rayment, Sr., and Isaac Hall, Sr. and totalled 974 17s., including 804 10s. in real estate: "his dwelling house with orchard & 70 acres of land," 180; "the English pasture with the marsh and orchard in it," 80; "the farm bought of Mr. Allford containing 200 acres," 300; "the farm bought of Henry and Frauncis Skerry, 106 acres," 160; "the 16 acres of land which is built upon by Zakery Herrick," 32; "the 15 acres of land bought of Henry Reinald & Rich[ard] Kemball," 22 10s.; and "6 acres of meadow in the bounds of Topsfield," 30 A musket, a sword and a rapier" were part of his estate.

    BIRTH: By about 1598 based on release from training.

    DEATH: Beverly between 24 November 1670 (date of will) and 15 March 1670/1 (date of inventory).

    MARRIAGE: By about 1634 Edith Laskin, born about 1612 (deposed November Term, 1672, aged "about sixty years", daughter of Hugh Laskin. She died after 27 March 1677

    COMMENTS: In 1937 Meredith Colket examined earlier claims that Henry Herrick of Salem was son of Sir William Herrick of Beau Manor, Leicestershire. Colket brushed aside four of the arguments in favor of this ancestry as "not merit[ing] the consideration of serious students of genealogy," and then proceeded to examine more closely a letter of 28 June 1653 sent from Henry Herrick to his brother in Leicestershire, demon~strating convincingly that this Henry Herrick must have been the settler of that name in Virginia, and was distinct from the New England settler.

    In 1993 Philip Howard Gray attempted to resurrect this identification, on the basis of the 1653 letter [Penobscot Pioneers (Volume Three): Billings, Gray, Herrick (Camden, Maine, 1993), pp. 93-98]. His arguments are tortured and ad hominem , and do not overturn the conclusions of Colket. In particular, the 1653 letter includes the lament that "We have not a Preacher in near twenty miles of us." Colket correctly noted that Henry Herrick of Salem and Beverly was only two or three miles from the ministers of Salem and Wenham. Gray engages in a long discussion of the necessity of walking up Bass River to a fording place and back down the other side to Salem when the weather was too bad for the ferry to run. Such a circumstance would not have produced the line in the letter of 1653. More significantly, the social status of the New England Henry Herrick is much below that of the claimed Henry Herrick of Leicestershire.

    Most secondary sources assert that Henry Herrick arrived in New England by 1629, and had married Edith Laskin by that date. This derives from the mistaken interpretation of the first list of Salem church members, which supposes that they were all founding members of the church in August 1629, when this list actually includes only those persons (and not even all of those) who had been at any time between 1629 and 1636 admitted to Salem church and were in December 1636 still alive and residing in Salem.

    The second wife of Joseph Herrick has been identified as Mary Endicott, but this seems to be the result of editorial confusion in the publication of the Beverly church records. On 18 July 1686 "Joseph Hirreck Sr." and "Mary his wife" were admitted to full communion in the Beverly church, and on 19 June 1687 "Mary wife of Joseph Hirreck Jr." was similarly admitted.

    On 15 February 1678/80 three children of Joseph and Mary Herrick Jr. were baptized, and the editor gave the maiden name of Mary as Endicott; on 4 December 1681 Triphosa, daughter of Joseph and Mary Herrick, was baptized, and on this occasion the editor gave Mary's maiden surname as Dodge. All these baptisms would seem to be attributable to one couple, despite the editorial interpolations.

    With "brother" Neale, Henry Herrick was appointed on 30 September 1644 to see that Mr. Norris (elder of the church) received sufficient wood. With Edmond Grover, he witnessed the will of John Friend, April 1656. With John Rayment, he took the inventory of the estate of Annis Balch on 25 November 1657.
    On 29 January 1658/9 Henry Herrick was appointed to help Roger Conant and William Dodge settle Joseph Harding's bounds. At November Term 1661 he certified that he had helped to measure the highway at the clay pit by Roger Haskell's hill. When Edmund Grover's corn was trampled by Osmond Trask's cows, Henry Herrick deposed at November Term 1664 that Trask had taken the cows by force as Grover drove them to the pound.

    Henry Herrick agreed to keep Richard Lambert's daughter from 1 January 1657[/8] to April 1658 and was paid small sums to provide her with clothes and sundries. Margaret White was evidently the servant of Henry Herrick in November 1651 when he was told to pay her charges. On 30 September 1662 Henry Herrick sued Frances Master "a Frenchman" for withholding a cow ; prior to 30 November 1665 Herrick had an agreement with "Frances Masters, Frenchman," that his son, John Masters, was to live with Herrick for eleven and a half years.

    BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: Mary Walton Ferris wrote about Henry Herrick in her examination of the ancestry of Mary Beman Gates.

    Among those who arrived with the Higginson & Skelton fleet to Salem, 1629:
    Archer, Beard, Brand, Brown, Brude, Claydon, Craddock, Dixy, Dodge, Edes, Edmonds, Ewstead, Farr, Graves, Hanscombe, Haughton, Haward, Herrick, Higginson, Holgrave, Ingersoll, Malbon, Massie, Miller, Moulton, Rickman, Ryall, Sharpe, Sibly, Skelton, Sprague, Stileman, Stowers, Tillie, Waterman, Webb, Wilson

    Henry Editha Laskin 1629-1632Salem, Essex, MA. Editha (daughter of Hugh Laskin) 1612 Leicester, England; after 27 Mar 1677Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Editha Laskin 1612 Leicester, England (daughter of Hugh Laskin); after 27 Mar 1677Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

    Other Events:

    • Immigrated: America

    1. Thomas Herrick about 1634.
    2. Zacharia Herrick 25 Dec 1636 Salem, Essex, MA.
    3. 4. Ephraim Herrick 11 Feb 1638 Salem, Essex, MA; 18 Sep 1693Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    4. Henry Herrick 16 Jan 1639 Salem, Essex, MA.
    5. Joseph Herrick 6 Aug 1645 Salem, Essex, MA.
    6. Elizabeth Herrick 4 Jul 1647 Salem, Essex, MA.
    7. John Herrick 26 May 1650 Salem, Essex, MA.
    8. Benjamin Herrick 1656; before 27 Mar 1677.

  3. 10.  Robert Cross 26 Jun 1613 Denham, Suffolk, England; 26 Jun 1613 Denham, Suffolk, England; 8 Feb 1693Ipswitch, Essex, MA.

    Other Events:

    • Immigrated: America


    NEHGR: 68:201-02.

    VR: Ipswich, MA

    He and his second wife, Mary/Martha TREADWELL, were living in the year shown when they sold off some of their lands.

    Walter G. Davis: "Massachusetts & Maine Families", Vol. I; Genealogical PublishingCo.; Baltimore; 1996.

    Robert Susannah "Anna" Jordan 20 Aug 1635Ipswitch, Essex, MA. Susannah 1617 Ipswich, Essex, England; 29 Oct 1669. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Susannah "Anna" Jordan 1617 Ipswich, Essex, England; 29 Oct 1669.

    Other Events:

    • Immigrated: America

    1. 5. Mary Cross 14 Jun 1640 Ipswitch, Essex, MA; 18 Sep 1693.

  5. 14.  John Galley 1604; 1683.

    John Florence. [Group Sheet]

  6. 15.  Florence
    1. 7. Elizabeth Galley 1647.