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Dougald Campbell

Male 1776 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Dougald Campbell 25 Oct 1776 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland; 27 Oct 1776 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland (son of Peter Campbell and Isabel Ferguson).

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    Emily Campbell Price notes:

    p5. "Oct 25, 1776 Dougald, son to Patrick Campbell and Isobel Ferguson, Auchinerean, born 25th and baptised 27 Oct 1776."

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Peter Campbell (son of Duncan Campbell and Mary McIntyre).

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    Emily Campbell Price notes:

    "As for Peter Campbell's parents: if he had a Duncan as either his 1st or 2nd son then his father's name has to be John, Duncan or Peter (the name rule would not permit him to give his own name to either his 1st or 2nd son even if it was also his father's name). There were exceptions but they were extremely rare."

    "If Isabel Ferguson was the daughter of Isabel McNair and Mary was her 1st daughter, then Mary would very probably be named for her father's mother, that is for Peter's mother"

    "The word "lawful" was not always written in the record but when the child was not a lawful one they made no bones about saying so and were sometimes crude about it...'born in fornication'; 'born in adultery', etc."

    Peter Isabel Ferguson. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Isabel Ferguson (daughter of John Ferguson and Isabel McNair).

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    Emily Campbell Price notes:

    Inverary Parish

    May 17, 1741, Isabell, daughter to John Ferguson in Barvarch and Isabell McNewair.

    The above may be the birth record of Peter Campbell's wife but we can't prove it. McNewair=McNair

    Excerpt of a transcription of a letter handwritten on a Christmas Card from Lee & Earle Price to Jean Wallbridge date unknown:

    "I have found the birth of an Isabel Ferguson whose parents seem to fit better, genealogically speaking, than do the ones found by Mrs. Fleming, which I put in the Campbells from Auchindrain. There the parents were John Ferguson & Isabel McNair. Since the 2nd son seems to have been John that seemed to fit, but it did not account for the 1st dau being Mary. Now we have this birth:"

    'Isobel, dau to Duncan Ferguson in Craeleckan and Mary Campbell - Sept 14, 1740'

    "The marriage of Duncan Ferguson and Mary Campbell, who came from the parish of Glassary, took place on Feb 2, 1738. "

    "At the time I wrote "The Campbells from Auchindrain" I had had experience only with records of Inverary Parish and did not believe that there could be duplicate records. Now I know that records were sometimes duplicated, when people moved & attended a different church or a new minister came along. I am now inclined therefore to accept Duncan Campbell and Mary McIntyre as the parents of Peter Campbell."

    'Sept 25, 1737 - Patrick, son to Duncan Campbell in Inverary & Mary McIntyre'

    '1744, no month. Archibald, son to Duncan Campbell & Mary McIntryre was baptised and right below'

    'Peter Campbell, son to the said Duncan Campbell & Mary McIntyre was baptized.'

    "I now think Patrick and Peter were the same person & your ancestor. The father was a tailor. With both fathers named Duncan & both mothers named Mary, you can be darned sure the 1st son was named Duncan & the 1st daughter Mary."

    Transcribed by Judi (Wallbridge) McRae on 5 Jun 2006

    1. John Campbell 26 Nov 1762 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland; 28 Nov 1762 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland.
    2. Duncan Campbell about 1764 Auchindrain, Argyllshire, Scotland.
    3. Mary Campbell about 1766.
    4. Neill Campbell 16 Nov 1767 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland; 18 Nov 1767 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland.
    5. Archie Campbell 5 Jan 1771 Auchindrain, Argyllshire, Scotland.
    6. Malcolm Campbell 15 Feb 1773 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland; 16 Feb 1773 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland.
    7. Peter Campbell 1775 Auchindrain, Argyllshire, Scotland; 1848.
    8. 1. Dougald Campbell 25 Oct 1776 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland; 27 Oct 1776 Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland.
    9. Christian Campbell about 19 Mar 1783 Achnagoul; 20 Mar 1783 Achnagoul.
    10. Malcolm Campbell 15 Mar 1787 Auchindrain, Argyllshire, Scotland; 17 Mar 1787 Inveraray And Glenaray, Argyll, Scotland; 20 Oct 1862Morpeth, Howard Twp, Kent County, ON, Canada; Morpeth Cemetery, Morpeth, Howard Twp, Kent County, ON, Canada.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Duncan Campbell

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    • Immigrated: Abt 1750, Auchindrain, Argyllshire, Scotland; from Bridgend, Inverary

    Duncan Mary McIntyre. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary McIntyre

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    1. 2. Peter Campbell

  3. 6.  John Ferguson

    John Isabel McNair. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Isabel McNair
    1. 3. Isabel Ferguson