July 27, 2009

Google Books - Sacrifice of the Shannon

Hickman -> Davison -> Howell

Wonderful to discover that “Sacrifice of the Shannon” by William Albert Hickman, is now available in its entirety as a free download from books.google.com.  (more details in my 2005 post)


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July 25, 2009

The Campbell's From Auchindrain - updated PDF

Campbell -> Stone -> Howell

Thanks to cousins Ted Lollis and Warren Hamilton I was able to borrow one of the original copies of “The Campbell’s From Auchindrain” by Emily Campbell Price (discussed in a genealogue entry here) and scan it, in color, to PDF – much better than the previous copy posted that was on microfilm. The complete manuscript (72 mb) can be downloaded here.

The Campbells From Auchindrain - Cover 

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July 24, 2009

New (old) Howell photos come to light!

Howell <-> Howell

Spencer Howell returned from a visit to Betty Howell Traver with some great photos that are some of the oldest we have on record:

The first is of Dr. John McKinney Howell (1833–1899).  Dr. Howell lived in White Plains, GA.  He is the author of the letters written during his tenure at Andersonville Prison, where he served as a doctor in the Confederate Army.  Dr. Howell is the 2x Great Grandfather of the Howell’s in my generation. The original is owned by Betty Howell Traver.


And the second photo is of Elmina McBride Howell (1815–1883). Elmina married John Johnson Howell and was the mother of the above Dr. John Mckinney Howell. Elmina is the 3x Great Grandmother of the Howell’s in my generation.  The original of this photo is with J. Spencer Howell.

Elmina McBride Howell

As to other old photos of the Howell’s, see this chart.  If you can help fill in any of the blanks please let me know! 

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