April 27, 2008

Andrew McBride: John and Susan Howell's Family History Pages

McBride -> Howell

Thanks to John Guy Jackson, it looks like we have found the parents of John McBride, father of Elmina McBride who m. John Johnson Howell.  John Guy Jackson writes:

I am a gg-grandson of John McBride and Elizabeth C. 'Betsy' Veazey via their daughter Melissa Frances McBride (Elmina McBride Howell's sister); Melissa Frances married John Stephen Jackson in Taliaferro County on14 Apr 1840.

John McBride was the son of Andrew McBride and Phebe Boran; Betsy Veazey was the daughter of Abner Veazey and Delilah Rhodes. 'The Veazeys and The McBrides' are thoroughly documented in Chap. 9 of 'My Search For John Stephen Jackson, His Ancestors And His Descendants'.

I will be ordering a copy of Mr. Jackson’s book from the Augusta Genealogical Society, Inc., P. O. Box 3743 Augusta, GA 30914-3743. Tel: (706) 722-4073

Andrew McBride: John and Susan Howell's Family History Pages.

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April 26, 2008

Ancestors of William Spencer

Spencer -> Howell

It looks like a new breakthrough on the Spencer line....thanks to this email from newly found 4th cousin Linda Portwood.
I stumbled across your very interesting Howell Family Genealogy Pages, and was surprised to find your Ancestor, William Spencer. I think that we are distantly related, through my Great Great Great Grandfather Thomas Spencer, who I think was the elder brother of your ancestor William Spencer. I noted that you had no Ancestors for William Spencer. I have traced my Spencer Ancestry back to 1687, and would be willing to share this information with you. In my information, William Spencer is mentioned as emigrating to Canada, and later America. He is also a marriage witness at his brother Thomas Spencer's marriage in 1826. My Spencer ancestors lived in the area that you give as William's birthplace.

William Spencer: John and Susan Howell's Family History Pages.

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