November 6, 2004

John Edward Howell 's Immigrant Ancestors

I've recently discovered more "Immigrant Ancestors" of John Edward Howell (1903-1948).

This new group is from his mother, Nellie Davison's side, who along with several generations before her, were born in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Going back further we find that many of the Nova Scotia ancestors descended from English immigrants that sailed from England and Holland to America on ships like the "Mayflower" the "Fortune", the "Anne", and the "Little James".

William Brewster "of the Mayflower", 9th great grandfather of John Edward Howell. (image source: unknown)

Click on the names below to generate a descendancy chart.

10th Great Grandparents of John Edward Howell

John Tilley "1620 on the Mayflower - boarded in Leiden, Holland (with the religious separatists)"
Joan Hurst "1620 on the Mayflower, boarded in Leiden, Holland"

9th Great Grandparents

William Brewster "boards Leiden Holland, on the Mayflower 1620
John Howland"1620 on the Mayflower, boarding in Leiden, Holland"
Elizabeth Tilley"1620 on the Mayflower"
William Ford "on the Fortune, 1621"
Martha "Widow Ford of the Fortune, 1621"
Stephen Tracy "on the Anne, 1623 -- returned to England by 1643"

8th Great Grandparents

Gov. Thomas Prence "on the Fortune, 1621"
Patience Brewster "on the Anne, 1623"
Henry Howland"arrived likely in the period 1631-32"
Mary Newland"likely arrived with her husband in 1631-32"
John Chipman"it seems probable he came with Allerton in the White Angel or in the Friendship 1628-29"
Richard Foxwell "probably came in the fleet with Gov. Winthrop in 1630"
Ann Shelley " maide servant she came to the Land in the years 1632"
Martha Ford"conflict as to born Plymouth or England, but apparently more evidence points to her being "the first white girl born in Plymouth"
William Nelson"arrived prior to 1633"
John Jenney "on the Little James, 1623"
Sarah Carey "on the Little James, 1623"
Thomas Low "came with Nathaniel Rogers, 1636"
Margaret Todd "With husband Nathaniel Rogers, 1636"
Robert Cross
Susannah Jordan "wife of Robert Cross"

7th Great Grandparents

Daniel Davidson "a lowland Scot in Cromwell's army transported to America as an indentured servant. cir. 1651"
John Whitman "arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1638"
Ruth "wife of John Whitman"
Major John Freeman "arrived before 1650"
Henry Wood "was in Plymouth as early as September 16, 1641"
Abigail Jenney "on the Little James, 1621"

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