July 6, 2004

Howell DNA Project - Update

Here, as promised in the April 25th entry on this topic, is the update:

The Howell 12 marker Y-DNA test results are in....and so far there is no match in the ysearch.org public database or in the private FamilyTreeDNA database! But to be fair, there are only a few Howell's that have participated in the test so far. Hopefully the database will continue to grow rapidly. I will check periodically for matches -- stay tuned. (If you would like to have your DNA tested and compared to this database, check out the FamilyTreeDNA web page.)

Click here to check the database (Howell surname only) for the latest matching results. (if there are no matches, the result will show just user ID 6PWDB)

The 12 marker Y-DNA test did identify the signature as being in the "R1b Haplogroup", with a "Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype" as descibed in detail as follows (quote) :

The Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype is the most common Y-DNA signature of Europe

Posted by jhowell at 10:58 PM