May 30, 2004

Howell Immigrants

More "Immigrant Ancestors" of the Howell line are identified.

Herrick -> Davison -> Howell - Henry Herrick came from England to Salem, MA about 1629 with the Higginson & Skelton fleet.

Tracy -> Davison -> Howell - Thomas Tracy b. 1610 in England. Died in Norwich, CT. There is a fair amount of controversy over his ancestry.

Griswold -> Tracy -> Davison -> Howell - Edward Griswold b. 1607 in England, d. in Killingworth, CT

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May 24, 2004

George Washington Boyer

The mystery of "who died in the fire" still continues.....

Family stories say that one or both of George Washington Boyer's daughters and possibly his wife died in a house fire. Up until the visit to Greenmount Cementery last week we did not know the death dates were all different, but that is exactly what the cemetery's plot record shows. So from this it does not appear that more than one person could have died in a fire.

The cemetery records also show that the only gravestone marking the plot is that of Baby Edith Boyer, however upon visiting, no gravestone, other than one that was illegible, could be found. Here is a photo of the plot at Greenmount - not much to see!

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A Discovery at Boone Hall Plantation

In 1935, Thomas Archibald Stone and his wife Ellen Ewing Noyes Stone purchased a much loved and beautiful southern plantation named Boone Hall. Lots of information is available on Boone Hall as it is now open to the public, thanks to the generosity of its current owners. (Boone Hall web site)

Last week I visited Boone Hall for the first time. The Live Oaks planted hundreds of years ago that line the still unpaved driveway evoke feelings of a simpler time. The place is just peacefully beautiful.

The Discovery

To my delight, while looking at the exhibits in a small out-building now called the "Thomas A. Stone House", I was able to make a little discovery of my own. A framed two page letter is on exhibit, with this description inscribed in the frame:

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