March 23, 2003

Richard Warren of the "Mayflower"

D. McKeough supplied a copy of John R. Bradfield's genealogy for the Delano lineage to Adelaide Spencer. This allowed me to document the connection between the descendants of Adelaide and her husband Thomas Stone. It also allowed me to make the connection to Richard Warren (tree), one of the signers of the Mayflower compact.

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Captain Samuel Cherry - New!

Captain Samuel Cherry fought in the American Revolution. Tree to STONE here. Also found his portrait and a photo of his gravestone.

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March 12, 2003

John William Carlin

Our Carlin line begins with John William Carlin. He became the Base Commander of the Philadelphia Arsenal and married Mary Murchie of Ireland.

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March 1, 2003

Philippe Delano of the ship "Fortune"

Philippe Delano came to America (Plymouth, MA) on the ship "Fortune" in 1621 from Leiden Hollandand. Philippe is an ancestor to Ulysees S. Grant and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Here is a tree showing the relationship to the STONE branch of our tree. (note when reading chart: Brown box=Ancestral Line, Yellow=Ancestors Spouse, Grey=Siblings of person in Brown box)

Thanks to W. Darcy McKeough, who supplied a copy of John R. Bradfield's genealogy for the Delano lineage going all the way back to Joan de Franchimont b. 1311!! Bradfield's document enabled us to make the connection to Philippe and to Richard Warren of the Mayflower. Here is a tree from Joan to Julia Spencer HOWELL Conolly - (scroll your browser horizontally to center the chart - its large)

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Marie Dellanoy portrait - 1600's

Mahieu -> Delano -> Cherry -> Spencer -> Stone -> Howell
(Please click to view relationships)

We have thought for a long time that the portrait below was of Marie Mahieu de Lannoy, wife of Jean de Lannoy and mother of Philippe Delano -- but this was disproved in a letter from Mr. T.N. Schelhaas who is the Keeper of the records of the City of Leiden, Netherlands. (A copy of the letter can be found here)

The portrait below is of Marie de Lannoy, wife of Jan Pesijn, as far as we know - no relation to our line, and hangs in Leiden today.

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