February 25, 2003

Darcy McKeough's Project

Darcy McKeough provided a huge packet of materials on the descendants of Lawrence (since corrected to Laurence) Stone. Many of the pages contain interesting entries that he found published in various genealogy books from Kent County. As time permits, I will scan / transcribe these in and include them in the individual records. For example check the John Rhodes source reference at the bottom of Thomas Stone's record.

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February 21, 2003

Umlauf line

Here is the tree for the Umlauf line to Boyer

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February 6, 2003

John Johnson Howell

Ancestors of John Johnson Howell (b. 1795) and his wife Elmina McBride. Also first time links to Johnson, Ashfield, and McCarty families.

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Carlin connection to Rowen and Grant

Carlin family links to Tetlow, Rowen, Grant, Schillingsford. The missing link was knowing that Katherine Carlin [see tree here] (Called "Aunt Kate" by Elizabeth Mary Carlin) was John William Carlin's sister

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February 5, 2003

New Howard and Love Ancestors

New ancestors of Lenora (Nora) Love, with fist time links to families Payne, Blades, White, Todd, Connelly, Andrew, Eaton, Clark, Anderton, and Morris.

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February 3, 2003

Why we are all cousins

Danish genealogist Jacob Holdt has an interesting site that traces the roots of his family an almost unbelievable number of ancient people.

"Hitchhiking with my son, Daniel, to see Acropolis - built by Pericles - his 2nd cousin 82 times removed . Since then he has on his own hitchhiked all the way from Denmark to China to see the Great Wall which his 79th great-grandfather caused to be built.

Note: None of these relationships carry any genetic significance since we almost all descend from these famous people as I show here..."

These links show some of our trees that extend furthest back in time (wide charts - scroll horizontally):
Charlemagne 742 - 814
Gabhran Macdomangairt (500 - 599)

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Conquering William

I was, for the first time, able to connect our family tree to other well documented trees that go very far back in time. Here is a tree showing each generation between William The Conqueror and the Howell line!!

Starting with recent generations, the connection starts with the Howell line, and then goes back through families Heard and Perrin, and then to the Clopton family which is quite well documented. From the Clopton tree I was then able to connect to families Waldergrave, Drury, Calthorpe, Stapleton, de la Pole, and Stafford, which contain many interesting people. So the tree now has quite a few kings, queens, knights, lords, earls, and dukes of this and that.

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