December 24, 2002

The Campbell's of Auchindrain

Malcolm Campbell and his wife Isabel Smith lived in Auchindrain, Argylleshire, Scotland and Immigrated to Herkimer Co., NY cir 1805, and then eventually moved to Kent County, Ontario, Canada. Extensive research on this line done by Ted Lollis.

Tree from Auchindrain Campbell's to the Howell line.

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December 15, 2002

History of Auchindrain

History of Auchindrain by Ted Lollis.

Auchindrain is a ancient village -- or township -- or communal tenancy -- of about 20 buildings near Inveraray, Scotland, on the estate of the Dukes of Argyll. Auchindrain was not destroyed or materially changed by the Highland Clearances and is therefore the largest and most authentic old rural village in Scotland today. The buildings and adjacent fields have been preserved and are now an open-air museum of farming life.

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December 9, 2002

President Polk = Are we related?

Pollock -> Polk -> Whittington -> Bothum -> Goslee -> Freeney

James Knox Polk, 11th President of the USA descends from William B. Polk. William B. Polk was the son of Robert Bruce Polk, the immigrant who cam to the Eastern Shore of MD from Donegal, Ireland.

You are his cousin if your name is on this list, and has a little "tree" icon next to it. (click on the tree)

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