January 20, 2007

Elmira McBride Ancestors

Some interesting new information from cousin Jim Brittain arrived today regarding the ancestors of Elimira McBride wife of John Johnson Howell.

Jim writes:

I have the Howell Family data collected by Albert Sidney Howell, Jr. White, Plains, Ga. who died 1981.

In a letter from Villa [Havila] Howell Mapp White Plains, Ga. to W. S Howell Greenville, Ga. Feb 20,1911.
"...John Johnson Howell married Elmira Mc Bride when she was sixteen. She was reared in Milledgeville [Ga.] and Eatonton, Georgia."

In a letter (about 20 pages) from Lundie W Barlow, Richmond Va. Nov, 8 1944 to Albert Sidney Howell
"...My parents John Johnson Howell and Elmira McBride Howell, were married in the town of Perry Houston Co. Ga. in 1832."

The third document I am not sure of the author, possibly Florence Stewart Howell Pollard. No date but about late 1960's
"...Checking back to Elmira McBride who was married to John Johnson Howell, she was the Daughter of John McBride who died in 1830. He was married to Elizabeth Veazey or Veasy, who was the daughter of Delilah Rhodes[?], Delilah was the daughter of a Mr. Southerland and wife who was a Miss Cleyborn before her marriage.:

If you would Like I can get copies to you through Betty Howell Traver.

Jim Brittain

My comments:

1. A small mystery - Elmina McBride Howell is buried in the White Plains Baptist church cemetery - Dad and I photographed her gravestone, and the spelling of her name is "Elmina". But all other sources, including this recent information from Jim Brittain spell her name "Elmira" - so I'm going to change the record to Elmira, and assume that either the gravestone is misspelled, or perhaps it means that she was called Elmina by those who buried her.

2. Elizabeth Veazey/ Vesey who was the mother of Elmira McBride Howell, is really Elizabeth Rhodes. She must have married Mr. Veazey before she married John McBride the Surveyor General. This reconciles with the comments by Betty Howell Traver that she was married more than once.

3. Two new generations found - We now learn that Elizabeth Rhodes is the daughter of Delilah Southerland. That makes Delilah the great grandmother of Dr. John McKinney Howell. Delilah is the daughter of Mr. Southerland who married Miss Cleyborn so Mr. Southerland and his wife are the 2x great grandparents of Dr. John McKinney Howell.

4. We don't have dates but based on Elmira's birth date in 1815, if her mother Elizabeth Rhodes was 25 when Elmira was born, Elizabeth would have been born in 1790. (25 is a bit older, but remember this was her second marriage) If Delilah Southerland was 20 when she had Elizabeth, Delilah would have been born in 1770, and her mother Miss Cleyborn perhaps born 1750 if she was 20 when she had Delilah. Of course all of this is just a guess, but it puts us in the general timeframe to start looking for more details.

It will be interetsing to see if we can uncover some more gems from the information Jim has.

Posted by jhowell at January 20, 2007 2:52 PM