June 1, 2006

Gabriel Boyer - American Boyers

Boyer -> Boyer

Wendy Smythe forwarded pages from the Boyer genealogy published by The Association of American Boyers that show the family of Jacob Boyer. We believe Jacob is the father of our George Washington Boyer, Sr. and this is the first independent confirmation of that conclusion. (See the Genealogue entry posted here in September 2003.).

This genealogy also reveals to us the ancestry of Jacob Boyer going back to the immigrant to North America - Gabriel Boyer b. 1700 in Tartary ( a region in central asia) "where his German parents had gone for some reason or other according to tradition recorded by his great-granddaughter, Mrs. McCahon".

Some other interesting facts:

Gabriel Boyer is the 4th Great Grandfather of Bill & Evelyn Boyer. When exactly he came to America is not known, but he is reported to have owned a large farm in Oley, Berks County, PA (which is near Reading, Pa.) as early as 1733.

Gabriel came to Frankford, Bristol Township, Philadelphia, PA a few years before his death in 1766.

Two of Gabriel's sons, John Boyer (Bill and Evelyn's ancestor), and Peter Boyer apparently fought in the U.S. Revolutionary War. John Boyer's granddaughter, Mrs Mary J. Kluhenspies (4 - AG168), "reported that he was built stout and straight, six feet three inches tall, called the strongest in a thousand. She said he was a soldier, probably in the Revolutionary War, and that he was a favorite with the officers, frequently dining with them."

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