May 16, 2006

First "big" DNA Match!

Howell <-> Howell

Mark McBride Howell and I matched DNA in 25 locations according to the Y-DNA test performed by FamilyTreeDNA. We are indeed fourth cousins - our common ancestors being 3x great grandparents John Johnson Howell and Elmina McBride.

I'm fascinated by this finding as it further validates much of the genealogical information that we have independently compiled.

This match also establishes that our Howell line is unique from the other Howell lines in the DNA study - probably to the immigrant Matthew Howell who died in Isle of Wight County, VA in 1720.

Our search now should focus on finding other Howell males that trace their ancestry to VA, NC and/or GA who are not yet participating in the DNA study.

Posted by jhowell at May 16, 2006 2:55 PM