February 8, 2004

Darcy McKeough's Stone Charts

Last November, just before Thanksgiving, I received an express delivery package from W. Darcy McKeough - our expert on the Stone line. The package contained 6 very large handwritten charts - the largest two being about 11 ft long! All were legder sheets taped together. These draft charts represent the result of many many years of work and collectively contain details on 515 descendants of Laurence Stone. I believe Darcy is getting ever closer to his goal of publishing much of his research in book form.

After many keyboarding sessions, I have finally completed merging the data in the charts into my database so they may be viewed online. Here are two reports that contain the complete list of Laurence Stone (b. 1745, England) descendants:

Descendant List (Register format) for Laurence Stone

Descendant List (Indented list format) for Laurence Stone

Once again, we owe Darcy a great debt for sharing his resarch so generously!

Posted by jhowell at February 8, 2004 3:00 PM