December 22, 2003

Unconnected GA Howell's

I've found no connection with the Howell's at the link below, but have written to Nancy Gilstrap Mann, the sites author, to point out that there are similarities between these Howell's and ours. Both lines are in the Greene Co. vicinity of GA at the same time, and then they subsequently migrate to southwest side of GA to Randolph and Stewart Counties.

HOWELL Family Genealogy

The Howell family is thought to have originated in Wales. There are a vast number of Howell families along the Atlantic seaboard dating from the 1600s. They chose many similar first names: John, Joseph, William. Researching this line has proved difficult as it is hard to know you have the right man. The following is my Howell family research as it stands today:

** Update ** Heard back from Nancy Gilstrap Mann, and she doesn't know of a connection.

Posted by jhowell at December 22, 2003 10:23 PM