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Captain Samuel  Cherry,   Captain Samuel Cherry, "Revolutionary War"[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
 1756 - 1825


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  • Title  Captain 
    Suffix  "Revolutionary War" 
    Birth  15 May 1756  Londonderry, Ireland Find all individuals with events at this location  [5
    Gender  Male 
    Immigrated  America Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Died  27 Oct 1825  New Haven, Oswego County, N.Y. Find all individuals with events at this location  [5, 7
    Buried  New Haven Cemetery, New Haven, NY Find all individuals with events at this location  [8
    Person ID  I1956  Main
    Last Modified  14 Jun 2010 07:25:00 
    Family  Ann Wallace, b. 23 Feb 1754-1757, Coleraine, Londonderry County, Ireland  
    Married  6 Mar 1777  Londonderry, NH Find all individuals with events at this location  [9
    >1. Samuel Cherry, Jr., b. 10 Oct 1779, New Hampshire, USA
    >2. Susan Cherry, b. 23 Nov 1781, New Hampshire, USA
     3. Issac Cherry, b. 30 Aug 1783
     4. George W. Cherry, b. 8 Oct 1784, New Haven, New Haven County, CT
    >5. Betsy P. Cherry, b. 8 Aug 1786, Londonderry, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire
     6. John Wallace Cherry, b. 27 May 1788, New York
     7. Moses H. Cherry, b. 14 Aug 1789
    >8. Hannah Cherry, b. 25 Feb 1791, New Haven, NY
     9. Solomon Cherry, b. 24 Feb 1793
     10. Isaac Cherry, b. 20 Mar 1795
     11. Ann Wallace Cherry, b. 15 May 1797
    Last Modified  30 Sep 2009 08:19:00 
    Family ID  F823  Group Sheet
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    Captain Samuel Cherry
    Captain Samuel Cherry
    Capt. Samuel Cherry
    Capt. Samuel Cherry
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  • Notes 
    • The most original notes I have are from a family document titled "Lannoy" authored by Margaret "Maggie" Stone (1861 - 1958) .  In the section of this document on the Cherry family Maggie references "Nellie Cherry Robinson, who in order to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, had to prove all this"

      (A Nellie Cherry Robinson appears as one of the founders of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin chapter of the DAR in 1897 - not sure if it is the same person that Maggie / Margaret Stone cites as her source.)

      Margaret Stone provides the following:

      "Samuel Cherry - born in Londonderry, Ireland in the year 1756, died in New Haven, Oswego County, N.Y. State, October 21st, 1825.  He was married to Ann Wallace.

      The following is a statement of the services of Samuel Cherry in the American Revolution - In the detachment enlisted from the army near Boston in the summer of 1775, to join the expedition against Quebec, Samuel Cherry served in Captain Harry Dearborn's Company.  In the muster roll his age is given as nineteen and his residence is given as Londonderry, New Hampshire, the time of service was four months and eight days.

      In 1776, Canada Service, Samuel Cherry was an ensign in Captain Nesmith's Company.

      In 1777 New Hampshire raised three regiments for the term of three years.  Samuel Cherry was appointed First Lieutenant in Colnel Nathan Hale's regiment.  It also appears he had held a comission of Lieutenant since November 7, 1776.  He was prompted (sp?) to Captain, November 30, 1779.  From subsequent rolls it is evident that he continued in the service until the close of the war.  The muster roll for the month of July, 1780 shows him in command of Captain Samuel Cherry's company of Light Infantry, Colonel Cortland's Regiment, detatched from the 2nd New Hampshire, and that he was comissioned Captain November 1779.  His name is found on subsequent rolls up to and including the roll for the month of April, 1783, which is the lst roll upon which his name appears.  The date and place of his discharge are not shown.  After the close of the war Samuel Cherry returned to Londonderry, New Hampshire, where he lived for several years.  Subsequently he moved to New York State.  He died at New Haven, Oswego County, Octover 21st, 1825.

      Authority for the foregoing statements:- Certificate of the Secretary of State of the States of New Hampshire dated Ferbruary 8th, 1896.  Copy of record by Chief of Record and Pension Office War Department, Washington, D.C., January 29th, 1896.  Affidavit of Samuel Alonzo Cherry, Marysville, Ohio, dated March 6th, 1896."

      Notes from (An excellent site dedicated to Captain Samuel Cherry)

      Service in the American Revolution

      April 23, 1775 enlisted in Capt. George Reid's Co. after the Lexington alarm.

      June 17, 1775 fought as Sergeant in Reid's Co. of Stark's Regiment at Bunker Hill.

      September 18, 1775 volunteered to join Dearborn's Co. in Arnold's Detachment for the Quebec Expedition.

      December 31, 1775 Participated in the assault on Quebec. (enlistment expired)

      July 11, 1776 Mustered into Captain John Nesmith's Co. for Canada service; marched July 22, 1776.

      November 8, 1776 Commissioned Lieutenant in Capt. James Carr's Co. in 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, Col. Nathan Hale commanding.

      July 7, 1777 At battle of Hubbardton, Carr's Co. is encamped along Sucker Brook when attacked by the enemy's advance guard.

      September 19, 1777 2nd New Hampshire plays a prominant role in the Battle of Bemis' Heights (Saratoga).

      October 7, 1777 2nd New Hampshire plays a prominent role in the Battle of Freeman's Farm (Saratoga).

      December 22nd, 1777 Commissioned Captain Lieutenant, 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, under Col. George Reid.

      June 28, 1778 2nd New Hampshire participates in Battle of Monmouth.

      June 17, 1779 to October 15, 1779 2nd New Hampshire on General Sullivan's Indian Exepedition through Pennsylvania & Western New York.

      November 30, 1779 Commissioned Captain in 2nd New Hampshire Regiment.

      October 19, 1781 Capt. Samuel Cherry is present at Lord Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown.

      January 1, 1783 Capt. Cherry retires from the army.

      Nellie Smith Rymal in her 1940 letter notes:

      ".... Major John Cherry, I believe was grandfather of Stephen, and fought against the British in the Revolution.  I believe he is the John Cherry that married Ann Wallace (Scots-Irish), sister of Lese?/Jesse? Wallace" [10, 11]
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