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Philippe  Delano, of the   Philippe Delano, of the "Fortune"[1, 2, 3]
 1602 - 1681


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  • Suffix  of the "Fortune" 
    Birth  Abt 1602  Leiden, Holland, Dutch Republic Find all individuals with events at this location  [4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    Christened  6 Nov 1603  Walloon Church, Leiden Find all individuals with events at this location  [9
    Gender  Male 
    Immigrated  1621  America Find all individuals with events at this location  [10
    on thel "Fortune" from Leiden, Holland 
    • This was the first ship to follow the Mayflower to Plymouth with 35 colonists.  He is thus the founder of the American family of Delano.
    Occupation  planter and fisherman  [10
    Died  Abt 1681  Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA Find all individuals with events at this location  [11
    Person ID  I1855  Main
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    Father  Jean de Lannoy, b. Prob 25 May 1575, Tourcoing, Flanders  
    Mother  Marie Mahieu, b. 1580, Lille, Flanders  
    Family ID  F812  Group Sheet
    Family 1  Hester Dewsbury 
    Married  19 Dec 1634  Plymouth, MA Find all individuals with events at this location  [5, 12, 13, 14
     1. Mary Delano, b. Abt 1635
     2. Philip Delano, b. Abt 1637
     3. Hester or Esther Delano, b. Abt 1640
     4. Thomas Delano, b. 21 Mar 1642
     5. John Delano, b. 1644
    >6. Jonathan Delano, b. 1647-1648, prob. Duxbury, MA
    Last Modified  30 Sep 2009 08:19:00 
    Family ID  F787  Group Sheet
    Family 2  Mary Pontus, b. Abt 1625 
    Married  Abt 1659  [15
     1. Jane Delano, b. Abt 1659
     2. Rebecca Delano, b. Abt 1659
     3. Samuel Delano, b. Abt 1659
    Last Modified  09 Apr 2003 12:11:00 
    Family ID  F788  Group Sheet
  • Documents T.N. Schelhaas letter
    1) Re re Marie Mahieu painting: States that painting often claimed to be of Marie Mahieu (mother of Philippe Delano/ Philippe de Lannoy) is NOT her. Instead, the painting is of Marie de Lannoy wife of Jan Pesijn, the founder of the Jan Pesijnhof.

    2) Re Marriage of Jan Lano (Jean de Lannoy) - George English points out an error in this letter: The primary source (Leiden Judicial Archives nr. 89 vol.C., folio 142) actually reads January 13. 1596: "Jan Lano, (missed out from letter ‘bachelor of Torckangie (Tourcoing), accompanied by Piere de Bu and Gijsbert de Lano, bridegroom’s father with Mary Mahieu’) unmarried, from Lille (N. France) accompanied by Jane (Jeanne) Mahieu, her mother and Anthonette Morth, her acquaintance".
    Histories Extract from "The Pilgrims and Other English in Leiden Records"
    Jeremy D. Bangs, "The Pilgrims and Other English in Leiden Records: Some New Pilgrim Documents," New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 143(1989):195-199.
  • Notes 
    • Notes from Jonathan Delano GHAAHD:

      "French by ancestry, Dutch by birth, and English by association, Philippe de Lannoy earned for himself the respect of his English neighbors and the pride of his American descendants"

      Notes from: Ralph V. Wood, Jr. with preface by Dr. Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs "Francis Cooke of the Mayflower" Vol 12 General Society of Mayflower Descendants Picton Press 1996:

      "Francois Coek (Francis Cook) appeared as a baptismal witness for Philippe, son of Jan de Lannoy and Marie Mahieu. On 8 Feb. 1609 Jan Carwer (John Carver) and his first wife Marie de Lannoy were admitted to the Walloon Church. It is suggested that Philip Delano very likely was the nephew, not only of Francis Cooke, but probably of John Carver who became the first governor of Plymouth Colony.1 "It is possible to see a strong Walloon connection in the Pilgrim congregation."

      Notes from: Philipe Delano of the Fortune by Muriel Curtis Cushing:


      1 PHILIPPE1 DELANO, b. Leiden, Holland 1602; bp. in the Walloon Church of Leiden 6 Nov. 1603 [1]; son of Jan and Marie (Mahieu) de Lannoy; d. bet. 22 Aug. 1681 (memorandum serving as his will) and 4 March 1681/2 (inventory); ae 79 yrs, leaving a personal estate of fifty pounds and thirteen shillings. [2]
      Hem. (1) Plymouth 19 Dec. 1634 HESTER DEW(E)SBURY [3], parents and birth unknown; d. prob. Duxbury bef. 1653 when a deed was signed by second wife Mary. [4]

      He m. (2) bet. 4 March 1652 (called widow in father's estate inventory) and 17 Jan. 1653/4 (deed) MARY (PONTUS) GLASS [4]; b. ca. 1625 if ae 20 when she first married [5]; d. after 5 July 1682 as she is mentioned in the settlement of Philip's estate [2]; dau. of William and Wybra (Hanson) Pontus and widow of James Glass. James and Mary (Pontus) Glass had 4 daus: Hannah Glass, b.1647, d. young; Wybra Glass, b. 1649
      m.Joseph Bumpus; Hannah Glass, b. 1651 m. Isaac Billington; and Mary Glass, b. 1652 m. Samuel Hunt. [6]

      On 1 March 1676/7 Philip Delano Sr., "aged 74 yrs, or there about" and Mary his wife, took oath that bef. "he married Mary Glass ye relict of James Glass deceased that she ye sd Mary gave all her lands unto her three children Mary, Wybery, and Hannah equally alike." [7]

      Philip Delano served on the Plymouth Grand and Petit juries, on the committee to view "the hay grounds," as a surveyor, and volunteered to serve in the Pequot War. In 1633 "Phillip Delanoy" was in the first list of Plymouth Colony Freemen. [8]

      In 1623 Philip Delano was granted an acre of land in Plymouth as "passenger on the Fortune" [9]; the sale of this acre to Stephen Deane in 1627 was the first recorded land sale in the colony. [10]

      On 2 Oct. 1637 Philip Delano was granted forty acres, bounded by land of Mr. John Alden lying on the south side, the sea on the east side, and the lands of Edward Bumpasse on the west side. [11]
      Philip Delano is on the list of names of Purchasers of Dartmouth who on 7 March 1652 met at Plymouth to make allotment of their shares which had been purchased from the Indians [12] and in 1662 Philip is on the list as being one of "the first borne children of this government" to receive land in Middleborough. [13]
      There is no probate record for Philip Delano. An inventory taken and exhibited to the Court on 4 March 1681/2

      Notes from Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33

      ORIGIN: Leiden, Holland
      MIGRATION: 1621 on Fortune
      FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth
      REMOVES: Duxbury
      OCCUPATION: Planter, fisherman.

      CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "There is also one Philip Delanoy, born of French parents, came to us from Leyden to New Plymouth, who coming to age of discerning demanded also communion with us; and proving himself to be come of such parents as were in full communion with the French churches, was hereupon admitted by the church of Plymouth; and after, upon his removal of habitation to Duxburrow, where Mr. Ralph Partridge is pastor of the church, and upon letters of recommendation from the church at Plymouth, he was also admitted into fellowship with the church at Duxburrow, being six miles distant from Plymouth; and so, I dare say, if his occasions lead him, may from church to church throughout New England" [Young's Pilgrim Fathers 394-95 (from Winslow, "Hypocrisie Unmasked," 1646)].

      FREEMAN: Admitted 1 January 1632/3 [PCR 1:5]. In lists of "1633" and 7 March 1636/7 [PCR 1:4, 53]. In Duxbury section of Plymouth Colony lists of freemen of 1639, 1658 and 29 May 1670 [PCR 5:274, 8:175, 198].

      EDUCATION: Signed his deeds.

      OFFICES: Plymouth grand jury, 4 June 1639, 2 June 1646, 6 June 1660, 7 June 1665, 5 June 1667, 7 June 1670, 3 June 1673, 1 June 1675, 5 June 1677, 5 June 1678, 3 June 1679 [PCR 1:126, 2:102, 3:188, 4:91, 148, 5:36, 114, 166, 230, 256, 6:11]. Petit jury, 2 January 1637/8, 4 September 1638, 5 June 1644, 7 June 1648, 6 June 1649, 7 June 1649, 7 June 1651, 4 June 1652, 9 June 1653, 7 March 1653/4, 5 March 1655/6, 5 June 1656, 25 October 1668 [PCR 7:7, 9, 37, 46, 54, 60, 65, 70, 77, 79, 150, 2:126, 140]. Arbiter, 2 May 1648, 4 October 1648, 3 July 1654 [PCR 2:122, 136, 3:62].

      Appointed to committee to "view the hay grounds from the river beyond Phillip Delanoy to the South River," 20 March 1636/7 [PCR 1:55]. Surveyor, 2 May 1637, 29 October 1649, 1 June 1658, 1 December 1663 [PCR 1:58, 2:147, 3:138, 4:48].

      Volunteered to serve in Pequot War, 7 June 1637 [PCR 1:61]. In Duxbury section of 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:189].

      ESTATE: In 1623 Plymouth land division "Moyses Simonson & Philipe de la Noye" were jointly granted two acres as passengers on the Fortune [PCR 12:5]. In 1627 Plymouth cattle division "Phillip Delanoy" was the ninth person in the first company [PCR 12:9].

      In 1627 "Phillip Delanoy" sold to Stephen Deane for ¹4 "one acre of land lying on the north side of town between the first and second brook" [PCR 12:7]; this would be the land he had been granted in 1623. Assessed 18s. in Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 and 9s. in list of 27 March 1634 [PCR 1:11, 28]. Granted forty acres in Duxbury, 2 October 1637 [PCR 1:67].

      On 17 January 1653/4, Phillip Delano of Duxburow and Mary his wife sold to John Churchill and Bennaiah Pratt the house and land near Plymouth "sometimes the house and land of William Pontus and James Glasse both deceased" [MD 5:92, citing PCLR 2:1:93]. On 17 January 1653, Phillip Delano of Duxburrow and Mary his wife sold to John Church~ill of Plymouth a parcel of meadow sometimes the meadow of William Pontus and James Glasse deceased, being about an acre and a half [MD 5:92-93, citing PCLR 2:1:93].

      On 3 December 1659, Phillip Delano Sr. with the consent of Mary his wife sold one half his purchase lands at Coaksett or Cushena or both to William Earle [MD 11:249, citing PCLR 2:2:41]. On 13 December 1660 "Phillip Delanoy of Duxburrow ... with the consent of my wife" sold to Nicholas Byram of Weymouth "my whole right of lands in the town of Bridgewater ... viz: a full and complete purchase of uplands, meadows and swamps that is or shall be laid out or divided or remain in common" [PCLR 3:25]. On 5 June 1667 Philip Delano of Duxbury, husbandman, sold to John Russell Sr. of Dartmouth, yeoman, one-half share of the lands at Dartmouth "granted unto the said Phillip Delano ... as a purchaser or old comer" [PCLR 3:83].

      On 11 April 1674 Philip Delano Sr. of Duxbury, planter, in consideration of "love and natural affection" granted "unto my true and natural son John Delano my lot of five and twenty acres at Namassakett lying upon Teticutt River in Middleborough with three acres of upland lying in Duxburrow" [PCLR 3:330]. On the same day Philip Delano Sr. of Duxbury, planter, granted to "Thomas Delano his true and natural son the one-half of his hundred acre lot at Namassakett in the town of Middleborough, the lot to be divided betwixt his brother and him, Phillip Delano and him," also one-half the meadow land in Middleborough, one-half of five acres of meadow land at the beach lying on the southside of Plymouth and three acres of meadow lying at the Mill River" [PCLR 3:331].

      On 7 July 1682 administration on the estate of "Phillip Delano of Duxburrow" was granted to Samuel Delano [PCR6:91].
      The inventory of the estate of "Phillip Delano of Duxburrow" was taken 4 March 1681/2 and totalled ¹50 13s., with no real estate included [MD 11:249, citing PCPR 4:2:120].

      On 5 July 1682 a comparison was made between two memoranda purporting to reflect the intent of Philip Delano for the disposal of his estate, one dated 22 August 1681, the other "now drawn" 5 July 1682. The merged intent was agreed to mean, to "his three eldest [sons] and each of [them] know their proportions, and John hath twenty five acres more at Namassakett"' to Samuel a horse, cow, two steers, chain and cart; to Jane one cow and heifer; to Rebeckah a yearling heifer; his wife a cow and free use of one third of the orchard and land during her life; to his three sons Phillip Thomas and Samuel a yoke of old oxen to improve "and when their service is done, to revert wholly to Phillip and Thomas"; Thomas executor; saw and wedges to Samuel; 5s. each to his "seven eldest children, of which seven, two, viz, Phillip and Thomas, have received their proportions"; at wife's death all moveables to his four youngest children [MD 11:250-51, citing PCPR 4:2:120].

      BIRTH: Baptized Walloon Church, Leiden, 7 December (or 6 November) 1603 [NS], son of Jan de Lannoy and Marie Mahieu [TAG 52:91-92, 53:172-73; see also NEHGR 143:197-98].

      DEATH: Between 22 August 1681 (date of memorandum serving as will) and 4 March 1681/2 (date of inventory).

      MARRIAGE: (1) Plymouth 19 December 1634 Hester Dewsbery [PCR 1:32]; she died between about 1648 and 1653.

      (2) By 17 January 1653[/4] Mary (Pontus) Glass, born by 1622, daughter of William Pontus ([MD 5:92]; "... Phillip Delanoy, who was then present, and with the consent of Mary, his wife, the other daughter of the said William Pontus" 3 May 1664 [PCR 4:58]), and widow of James Glass ("Phillp Delano Senr. aged 74 years or there about testifieth and saith before he married Mary Glass the relict of James Glass deceased...," 3 March 1676/7 [MD 14:64, citing PCLR 6:93]).

      With first wife

      i MARY, b. say 1635; m. Plymouth 29 November 1655 Jonathan Dunham [PCR 8:17]; she d. soon and had no children [TAG 36:243-49].

      ii PHILIP, b. say 1637; m. say 1670 Elizabeth Sampson, daughter of Abraham and _____ (Nash) Sampson (called Elizabeth Delano in her grandfather Nash's will [NEHGR 52:76; TAG 15:165-67]).

      iii THOMAS, b. say 1639; m. by 1667 Rebecca Alden, daughter of JOHN ALDEN ("Thomas Delanoy, and his now wife, for committing carnal copulation before marriage, fined" at October Court, 1667 [PCR 8:122]).

      iv ESTHER, b. say 1641; on 1 October 1661 Abraham Pierce Jr. confessed that he had falsely accused "Rebeckah Alden and Hester Delanoy" of being pregnant [PCR 4:7]; probably m. (1) by about 1670 Samuel Samson, son of Abraham and _____ (Nash) Samson, and if so m. (2) by 1679 John Soule [Muriel Curtis Cushing, Philip Delano of the "Fortune" 1621 ... (Plymouth 1999), pp. 4-5 and arguments presented there].

      v JOHN, b. say 1644; m. by about 1679 Mary Weston, daughter of Edmund Weston of Duxbury [NGSQ 71:41-43].

      vi JONATHAN, b. about 1648 (d. Dartmouth 28 December 1720 in 73rd year); m. Dartmouth 28 February 1677/8 Mercy Warren, daughter of Nathaniel Warren and granddaughter of RICHARD WARREN [MFIP Warren 35-36].

      With second wife
      vii JANE, b. say 1655; living 1682 (settlement of her father's estate); no further record.

      viii REBECCA, b. about 1657 (d. Plymouth 7 April 1709 "aged 52 years" [Bradford Kingman, Epitaphs from Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts (Brookline 1892), p. 9]); m. Plymouth 28 December 1686 John Churchill [PVR 85].

      ix SAMUEL, b. say 1659 [adult 1682]; m. by 1679 Elizabeth Standish, daughter of Alexander Standish (in his will of 21 February 1701/2 Alexander named "my daughter Elizabeth Delano the wife of Samuel Delano" [MD 12:101]).

      ASSOCIATIONS: In the land division of 1623, MOSES SIMONSON was joined with PHILIP DELANO in a grant of land, suggesting that they may both have come from Leiden. Also in the land division of 1623, and in the tax lists of 1633 and 1634, EDWARD BUMPAS is adjacent to PHILIP DELANO. The two men at a later date held adjacent land [PCR 1:59, 66, 67]. The last three sons of Bumpas were Philip, Thomas and Samuel, names also used by Delano. These items suggest that Edward Bumpas came from Leiden with Delano in 1621, and that the two may have had some association there before that date.

      COMMENTS: In a deposition of 1641 "Phillip De Lanoe of Duxbury planter" stated that he was "aged about thirty-six years"; he at that time owned a boat which he used in catching mackerel [Lechford 420].

      On 3 March 1676/7 "Phillp Delano Senr" gave his age as "74 years or there about" [MD 14:64, citing PCLR 6:93].

      Some sources claim that Philip Delano lived in Middleborough and Bridgewater, but this merely misinterprets his holdings of lands granted in those locations.

      The number of children born to Philip Delano and their allocation between his two wives remains a vexed problem, due to the vagueness of his "will" and the almost total lack of chronological checkpoints among his children and grandchildren. In the settlement of his estate six children are identified by name: Philip, Thomas, John, Samuel, Jane and Rebecca [MD 11:250-51]. Several additional statements assist in our analysis: Samuel was the "only son to the relict of the deceased"; house and land given to "his 3 eldest ... and John hath 25 acres more at Namassakett"; five shillings apiece to "his seven eldest"; and at wife's death moveables to "his 4 youngest children."

      Three additional names are known from other records: Mary (who predeceased her father, without leaving issue), Esther and Jonathan. The bequest to the "seven eldest children" implies eight or more living in 1682, and the six named in the agreement, with Jonathan and Esther added, brings us to this number.
  • Sources 
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