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Spencer  Stone,   Spencer Stone, "Pen"[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
 1869 - 1939


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  • Suffix  "Pen" 
    Birth  24 Jul 1869  Chatham, Ontario Find all individuals with events at this location  [6, 8
    Gender  Male 
    Alt. Birth  Jul 1870  [9
    School  1887-1889 
    The University of Toronto 
    Occupation  1906  Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location  [10
    clerk in his father's store which was called Thomas Stone & Son, Co. 
    Elected  1920  Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location  [11
    Chariman, Public General Hospital 
    Member  Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Chatham Rotary Club 
    Member  University College Literary Society, University of Toronto.  [12
    Occupation  1891 in hi father's business according to the stud  [12
    Occupation  Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location 
    the owner of Spencer Stone, Ltd., a dry goods store 
    Died  11 Aug 1939  Highbanks Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried  Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario Find all individuals with events at this location  [13
    Person ID  I127  Main
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    Father  Thomas Stone, b. 2 Feb 1827, Brockville, Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County, Upper Canada  
    Mother  Adelaide Spencer, b. 22 Feb 1833 
    Family ID  F81  Group Sheet
    Family  Flora Maude Campbell, b. 14 Jan 1872, Chatham, Ontario  
    • In the 1901 Census of Canada we find Spencer, Maud, John D., Robert S., Thomas A.. Listed as a boarder is Mable Campbell, and listed as domestic Morth Conor.

      From "History of Highbanks" by W. Darcy McKeough:

      Re: The Stone Cottage at Highbanks.

      p. 37, quoting Janie Field: "Bess [Elizabeth Louise STONE Howell b. 1905], & Johnny Howell [John Edward Howell b. 1903], used the cottage several summers and after Johnny's death...Bess spent the summers there with Auntie Maude [Flora Maude CAMPBELL Stone].  Arch [Dr. Archibald Campbell Stone b. 1912] and [his wife] Thora [Thora A. DICK Stone] - then Thora owned the cottage after Auntie Maude's death."

      p. 39 quoting Janie Field: "Spencer Stone's aunt was Betsy Anne Stone McKeough [b. 1833 m. William McKeough b. 1824], my great grandmother. Cousin Pen (Spencer) died in 1939.  All during the war the cottage was used by Auntie Maude Stone, Stone children and grandchildren - particularly Bess Stone Howell (Johnny Howell died in 1938 or 1939, and her three children, Spencer [John Spencer Howell b. 1929], Ned [Edward Davison Howell b. 1931], and Peter [Peter Stone Howell, b. 1935] with whom I played every summer. Auntie Maude moved the cottage back about 1960 and angled it slightly."

      p. 38, quoting Margaret Sexsmith: "The Stone family [Spencer Stone m. Flora M CAMPBELL], Douglas [John Douglas Stone b. 1893] , Bob [Dr. Robert Spencer Stone, b. 1895], Tom [Thomas Archibald Stone b.1900], Bess and Arch were not all at the cottage in 1917.  Tom was, sometimes Bess and Arch were." 

      p. 38 quoting W.D.McKeough: "The back door of Auntie Maud's cottage, if it was still where it was, would be over the bank.  Dad claimed when it was moved, that it was for the second time. Dad had a famous story about Auntie Mag Stone (cousin Pen's sister) [Margaret STONE b. 1861], talking about "the road in front of the cottage" - I think it was right too. 

      Re: Victoria Ave, Chatham home

      p. 38 Margaret Sexsmith comments[now back to Chatham, Ontario]: "The Stones had moved from a home on Grand Avenue just west of Hilliard Street to the very large stucco Sutherland home on Victoria Avenue.  All that marks the location now is the original wrought iron fence."
    >1. John Douglas Stone, b. 13 Nov 1893, Kent, Ontario, Canada
    >2. Robert Spencer Stone, M.D, L.L.D., b. 5 Jun 1895, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada
    >3. Thomas Archibald Stone, b. 12 Dec 1900, Chatham, Ontario
    >4. Elizabeth Louise Stone, b. 28 Nov 1905, Chatham, Ontario
    >5. Archibald Campbell Stone, M.D., b. 9 Mar 1912, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada
    Stone siblings.
    Stone siblings.
    Cir. 1907. L to R: Thomas, John, Elizabeth, and Robert Stone - Children of Flora Maude Campbell Stone and Spencer Stone.
    Spencer Stone Family
    Spencer Stone Family
    Photo cir. 1897. L to R: Flora Maude Campbell Stone, John Douglas Stone, Robert Spencer Stone, Spencer Stone.
    Maude Campbell - Spencer Stone, family home.
    Maude Campbell - Spencer Stone, family home.
    206 Victoria Ave, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
    Stone Family
    Stone Family
    Flora Maude Campbell Stone and her grown children. Standing L. to R.: Thomas Archibald Stone, John Douglas Stone, Dr. Robert Spencer Stone. Seated L. to R.: Dr. Archibald Campbell Stone, Flora Maude Campbell Stone, Elizabeth Louise Stone Howell. Photo taken in St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada, home of Archibald Stone, Summer 1963 (Source: Ellen Stone Devine)
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    Family ID  F38  Group Sheet
  • Photos
    Spencer Stone
    Spencer Stone
    Spencer Stone
    Spencer Stone
    Spencer Stone
    Spencer Stone
    Spencer Stone
    Spencer Stone
    Photo from an 8 Aug 2012 article in Chatham This Week by John Rhodes.
    1911 Canadian Census - Spencer Stone household
    1911 Canadian Census - Spencer Stone household
    Degge Block article
    Degge Block article
    Article appearing in Chatham This Week - September 15, 2010 describes the history of the Chatham, Ontario store at one time owned by Thomas Stone and his son Spencer Stone. By John Rhodes. (Article forwarded to me by Darcy McKeough)
     John Rhodes 8 Aug 2012 - Article.
    John Rhodes article in 8 Aug 2012 - Chatham This Week. "Miller recalled that Thomas Stone was a prominent dry goods merchant and could remember when his store was founded in the mid 1850's."

    Miller is quoted:'I remember when this business establishment was founded by the late Thomas Stone, father of the present Spencer Stone who is president of the company. For a good many years, my family bought all their dry goods from this store, and the first overcoat, which I ever purchased myself, was bought from Mr. Stone Sr., founder of the store when the latter was a clerk in a store run by his uncle, Mr. Burns, just across from where the post office (southwest corner King and 4th streets) now stands.'
    Campbell Flour Mills - Financial Information
    Campbell Flour Mills - Financial Information
    Poor's Manual of Industrials: Manufacturing, Mining, and Miscellaneous Companies
    From Volume 4 of Poor's Manual of Industrials: Manufacturing, Mining and Miscellaneous Companies, Poor's Railroad Manual Company, 1913
    Stone Family monument
    Stone Family monument
    Stone Family monument in "Ward B", Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, ON. Chatham-Kent Cemeteries notes "Location - Look for the large granite monument along the road with a huge statue on top. (Moore). This stone is a short distance toward the creek from there."
    John and Spencer Stone
    John and Spencer Stone
    John Stone died Oct 16 1875 aged 12 years 7 months and 20 days.
    Spencer Stone born July 24 1869 died Aug 11 1939
    Histories "LANNOY" by Margaret Stone (1851-1958). 1 MB pdf file.
    A typwritten manuscript written cir 1931 that starts with the ancestors of Philippe de Lannoy who came to America on the vessel "Fortune" in 1621, and traces his descendants to our Stone family in Canada. There are also transcriptions of the entries in Thomas Stone's (1799-?) bible from Ireland.
  • Notes 
    • Chatham Daily News
      Monday, August 14,1939


      We are accustomed to refer with justifiable pride to the early pioneers, whose indomitable courage and splendid ability laid the foundation for our present prosperity and happiness. Occasions arise when we should express similar gratitude for the records of the sons and daughters of those crusading settlers of other days the men and women who have proven worthy of the heritage bestowed upon them by their forbears, and who have worn worthily the mantle of responsibility which has been handed down to them from proud and respected ancestors. Such an occasion is noted today, as Chatham and Kent County bears loving and grateful tribute to the life and record of the late Spencer Stone.

      It was in the earliest days of this city, when the late Thomas Stone established a dry goods business here. In those momentous times families were larger than they are today, and the children of those early pioneers grew to manhood and womanhood to become leaders in many community enterprises and activities; but one of the boys was usually selected to carry on the work started by his father. In the record of the Stone family, it was Spencer, who undertook the responsibility of carrying on the family tradition in the world of business, and the success which attended his efforts in that respect is too well known to require repeating. He succeeded to a business which held the respect and confidence of the entire community. Under his management and control that respect and confidence was enhanced as the years went by; and today he relinguishes his responsibilities with an unblemished reputation for enterprise, progress and honesty which is well deserving of the envy of all ambitious executives in this world of trade and commerce.

      Spencer Stone measured up to the highest type of nature's gentlemen. As the father of a family attaining high prominence in professional and business pursuits, he enjoyed the comforts of his home; and was generous in sharing those privileges with his large circle of friends. He lived in an environment of refinement and culture, and was interested chiefly in those things which had for their ultimate goal the cultivation of the intellectual spirit of the community, and the extension of the principle of real service to those who were in need. He admired art, literature, music, and he donated his services freely, as a patron of the movements which promoted the aesthetic side of life, as well as contributing to the improvement of the material and physical well-being of his fellowmen.

      Spence Stone was an outstanding citizen whom this community could ill-afford to lose. We can but hope, that reflection upon his honourable career will prove an inspiration to other younger men, to emulate his example and thereby assist to compensate for the vacancy which his death has caused in the higher life of this community.

      The following is an excerpt from "A Community on the Thames" by John Rhodes 1987. p923-924 incl. photo

      In 1898, Spencer Stone joined his father in the enterprise [Thomas Stone Dry Goods] and at this time the name was changed to Thomas Stone and Son. For a while, the store was also known as Appleby, Stone and Appleby, and still later the name was changed to Spencer Stone Limited.

      From A History of HIghbanks by W. Darcy McKeough:

      "[Margaret Sexsmith comments:]Mr.Stone owned one of three dry goods stores in Chatham, the others were William Foreman's and Mr. Gordon's."

      J. Spencer Howell notes:

      His wife Flora M. Campbell called him "Pen".

      Spencer Stone, Ltd. was perhaps the largest department store (dry goods store in those days) in Chatham.  The store was sold to Simpson Sears, which later became "Sears" in Chatham. 

      Spencer Stone Insisted that his children repay him for their college education.  He was very worldly.  He made an annual trip to Europe via steamer from Montreal or New York for 8 weeks at a time.  It was on such a trip that his daughter Elizabeth met her husband to be, John Edward Howell.

      "(on seeing the boys come out of the lake...) Looks like the water is wet today"

      "One story about him took place during a visit at his home in Chatham, from his brother Fred.  Maude informed him that Spencer would arrive later but they were to have dinner. After dinner, "Uncle Fred" was given young Thomas' room, and retired early.  Apparently Thomas had mis-behaved quite badly that day, and when Spencer arrived home, Maude told him.  Being the strict disciplinarian that he was Spencer immediately headed to Thomas room, entered and started spanking the figure in Thomas' bed.  Fred of course was quite shocked to awaken to being spanked by his brother. . "

      "The department store that Spencer Stone owned had a unique way of processing the sales.  There were several sales counters in the store, yet the only sales register was in the office.  When a customer made a purchase, the clerek put the money in a tube and sent it by air pressure thourhg a maze of pipes to the back office where the sale was rung up, change made, and sent back to the appropriate sales desk by the same method.  Prior to the tubes, a system of pulleys was used which was quite entertaining to watch."

      "it was common to see him standing by the door and greeting his customers as they came in the store"

      W.D. McKeough's notes are:

      d.11/08/1939 at Highbanks Private Services 206 Victoria 13/08/1939 then Holy Trinity Church Chatham, Rev. Roy D. Mess burial Maple Leaf Cemetery

      In 1897 bought the Stone Cottage at Highbanks from John Smith - probably built between 1889 and 1897. In 2002 owned by Dr. A. Brady.

      In 1895 living on Raleigh Street moved to Grand Avenue, just west of Hilliard and then moved to the Sutherland House at 206 Victoria Avenue & in 2002 the Benoit Storey houses.

      "The Stones were a great family.  I remember I think in 1945 or 1946 all of them being at the cottage, and using our front lawn to fly kites!"

      Directory 1906-1907 "Stone, Spencer - (Thos. Stone & Son), h. Head - 78-80 King

      Directory 1908 "Stone, Spencer - (Applebe, Stone & Applebe), h. Grand Av.

      CDP - 6 Mar 1920 - elected Chairman - Public General Hospital

      CDP - 22 Mar 1921 - re-elected

      Obit. - Chatham Rotary Club

      Charles Levi notes:

      Spencer Stone and his son Thomas Archibald Stone both served on the University College Literary Society at the University of Toronto, and hence are in my database. 

      Spencer Stone was admitted to the University of Toronto as a student in 1887 and was in attendance until 1889.  He never picked up a degree.

      In 1891, the student newspaper, "The Varsity" reported he was working at his father's business in Chatham.  This may account for some of his "wordliness". [2, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17]
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